Tody Huang


Tody's Journey

  • My Travel Spots – with a short description of the spot Gaomei Wetlands is a famous bird watching spot in Taichung with great air and a diversity of creatures. It is also a great spot to enjoy an amazing sunset.
  • Rainbow Village is a small ‘village’ that comprises of 3-4 small houses. Four years ago an 87 year-old military veteran known as “Grandpa Rainbow” (Huang Yung-Fu) has painted the walls, the doors, and the ground of this small military dependents’ village into rainbow colors. Since then the village has become a popular travel spot.
  • Located at a refurbished old building, Tea Room is a local café owned by a backpacker. The owner has decorated Tea Room into a lovely place with the accessories she has collected when she travel around the world. Tea Room is a popular spot for many travel lovers, you can taste many different exotic and unique drinks there and exchange your travel experiences with the owner.

Tody's Essential Escape Kit

Flag of Taiwan
Timberland Brookton boots
Chinese novel
Satucket River Linen Dress Picket Fence /8717J View Detail
Earthkeepers® Sheafe Thong /8906A View Detail
Whitman River Devore Tee Coral Rose /8705J View Detail
Mount Tabor Cropped Bomber /8650J View Detail

Tody's style

Earthkeepers® Savin Hill Lace Ankle Boot Light Tan Sonny /8408B View Detail
Whitman River Devore Tee Coral Rose /8705J View Detail
Warner River Plant Tee Picket Fence /8702J
Mount Tabor Cropped Bomber Dutch Blue /8650J

Tody's Road Trip Playlist

  • Say What You Want-Texas
  • 1999 Roses-伍佰與 China Blue
  • Baby sister-伍佰與 China Blue