Hyunbum Nam


Hyunbum's Journey

  • Hamdeok Beach – Located 14km east of Jeju City. This romantic beach is famous for its clean and shallow water. HB Nam loves the great scenery with its emerald-blue water and heart-shaped sandy beach. You can also meet a mysterious cute Jindo-Dog there. Along the beach, HB Nam found a café that just fits his taste, there are many hidden excitements to discover.
  • Darangshi Oreum – A parasitic volcano that stands about 380 meters above the sea level located at the Northeastern part of Jeju Island. It is called “The Queen of Jeju Oreum”. Hike up for about 30 minutes, you will find a grand site in front of your eyes and also see the famous Seongsan Ilchulbong sunrise peak. The deep funnel-shaped crater that you can only see when you go up to the ridge will touch your heart instantly.
  • Heangwon-Lee is located in the east part of Jeju city. You can’t miss it if you are angler. HD Nam usually enjoys surfing but this time he headed to Heongwon-lee to learn how to fish. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong on that day that HB Nam couldn’t enjoy angling, while he still found it worthwhile to witness the strong tide.

Hyunbum's Essential Escape Kit

Fashion week – HB Nam’s new book
Bucket Hat – HB Nam’s signature item
MacBook – for work anytime, anywhere
Timberland 6 inch premium boot
Timberland Suede Brush
Timberland Refresher
Timberland Travel Kit
iPod shuffle
Leica MP – HB Nam’s best mate that he can’t go out without it
Timberland linen shirts and shorts
Mount Shaw Jacket with Hyvent® Lamination Travertine / 8248J View Detail
Thomps on Lake Cargo Cassel Earth / 8407J View Detail
LS Rattle River Chambray Sleet /8263J View Detail
7 in Premium Boot Wheat Nubuck / 10061 View Detail

Hyunbum's style

Mount Stoneham Jacket Intense Indigo / 8258J View Detail

Hyunbum's Road Trip Playlist

  • Better together-Jack Johnson
  • Sunday morning-Maroon5
  • 별일 없이 산다-장기하
  • Nothing much in life-Chang Kiha Band
  • black skinhead-Kanye West
  • Alligator sky-Owl city
  • My favorite-Justin Young